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The Go-Giver has inspired hundreds of thousands of readers around the world with its message that shifting one’s focus from getting to giving is not only a more fulfilling way to live, but a more profitable way as well. Yet some have wondered, “How do its lessons stand up to the tough challenges of everyday real-world business?”

Go-Givers Sell More is the answer to that question!

A practical guide that makes giving the cornerstone of a powerful and effective approach to selling, Go-Givers Sell More turns the conventional sales process on its head. Organized around The Go-Giver’s Five Laws of Stratospheric Success, this companion volume reveals a powerful approach to business and sales based on five steps: add value; touch lives; build networks; be real; stay open.

Punctuated by stories of real-life salespeople who have prospered by giving more, Go-Givers Sell More offers tips and strategies that anyone can start applying right away in their sales career — and in their life.

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